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 "Hello, I am Aleeza. I am an intuitive guide and trauma aware psychoeducator. I love to work with my fellow LGBTQIA and neurodivergent community members. I enjoy bringing clarity to my clients, teaching them supportive skills so they can live and thrive! Check out my courses below!"

The Healing Blueprint

Your Official Quick Start Guide to Healing

Are you just starting on your healing journey or are you a practitioner who wants to learn more about the best ways to heal?
If the answer is yes then the Healing Blueprint is for you! 

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The Retrospective:

Parts Work For the Soul

Learn how to do inner work

Everyone has parts and sometimes our parts don't get along, hold us back or are stuck in trauma. In this program you will learn how to use visualization & conversation to accelerate your inner parts work!

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Best Course Resources PDF

Want to know What Courses & Resources

Want to know what courses and resources are available for learning about trauma, coping skills and more? This PDF lists 20+ recommendations and options including courses Aleeza has taken herself. Choose your price. (Suggested price of $5 or $10)

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