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Aleeza is an artist, educator and mentor passionate about teaching how trauma can impact your life and how to begin coping with it.

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The Healing Blueprint

Your Official Quick Start Guide to Healing

Are you just starting on your healing journey or are you a practitioner who wants to learn more about the best ways to heal?
If the answer is yes then the Healing Blueprint is for you! 

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The Retrospective:

Parts Work For the Soul

Learn how to do inner work

Everyone has parts and sometimes our parts don't get along, hold us back or are stuck in trauma. In this program you will learn how to use visualization & conversation to accelerate your inner parts work!

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About Aleeza

 "Hello, I'm Aleeza. I am an passionate artist, educator and mentor. I enjoy bringing context and clarity to others as well as helping & teaching them about the impacts of trauma as well as providing them with supportive coping skills so they can live and thrive.

The creator of the Healing Blueprint, Aleeza is a mental health educator, advocate, and artist. She has studied trauma and healing through EMDR, DBT, & the inner parts work of IFS. She is certified in Reiki & working with energy. Being neurodivergent herself, she is excellent at spotting patterns and is very creative in adapting to any situation. As a sunny mentor and creative guide she uses her intuitive skills, abilities, resources & other techniques, to help her connect with clients. When you work with Aleeza you'll find an atmosphere of compassion. You will find her skillset of tools really help to connect the knowledge & wisdom of the mind, body, & soul of the individuals she works with

Skills & Services


 Aleeza uses her wide ranging set of knowledge, creative skills, 

tools & techniques to meet your individual needs.   

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Art & Digital Media

 Aleeza is a is available for:
Commission works, Digital Art Shows, And More!
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Aleeza Creates
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In session you enter a space of non-judgmental compassionate awareness. A safe nurturing environment to support healing. Aleeza will access her wide ranging set of abilities, tools and techniques applying them where ever it feels light and right to do so at the time of your session. 

  Each session is unique like you, and dependent upon whatever you may require at the time of your session. Sessions will be 45 minutes to an 1 hour in length.

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